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Talking Points Meetings

24 May

Talking Points Meetings

Talking Points continues.

This week we are running two separate meetings for you. There will be the usual opportunity to ask questions to the HMRC subject matter experts.

The first meeting provides an update on Capital Allowances and Vehicles. We will explain how to claim tax relief for vehicles and other longer life items bought to use in a business. This is a popular subject so we are running two meetings:

Thu‌rsday 25 M‌ay – 11am to midday Register now
Thu‌rsday 25 M‌ay – 1pm to 2pm Register now

Our second meeting this week provides an overview of Payrolling Benefits in Kind. It will take a brief look at what happens when you submit a Full Payment Submission and how to use the payrolling benefits and expenses online service. There are two meetings on this subject so choose the time to best suit you:

Friday 26 May – 11am to midday Register now
Friday 26 May – 1pm to 2pm Register now

source: – taxagents.blog.gov.uk

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