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Self Assessment (SA) toolkits

21 Dec

Self Assessment (SA) toolkits

Did you know clients can pay their SA liability through their 2018-19 PAYE tax code as long as all these apply:

  • the tax due is less than £3,000
  • they already pay tax through PAYE, e.g. they are an employee or receive a company pension
  • a 2016-17 paper tax return was submitted by 31 October 2017 or online by 30 December 2017 (not the usual 31 January 2018 deadline for online filing).

The SA related toolkits offered by the taxagents blog have been tailored to support you by addressing the most common errors seen in SA tax returns submitted in previous years.

For more information please visit this website.

source: – taxagents.blog.gov.uk

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