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Pension duties for new businesses

05 Oct

Pension duties for new businesses

As of 1 October 2017, new businesses have automatic enrolment duties as soon as they employ someone for the first time.

As advisers, employers are likely to ask you for help with automatic enrolment including choosing a suitable pension scheme. Advisers play an important role in supporting employers, therefore it is vital they are equipped with the information they need so they can help their clients who are setting up a new business.

If you’re an adviser it’s recommended to visit TPR (The Pensions Regulator) website and check out the free online guide specifically for agents, Automatic enrolment guide for business advisers. Agents, accountants, bookkeepers and other advisers can also use the free online TPR guidance and resources to help clients make the right choices.

source: – taxagents.blog.gov.uk

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